Learn tips, tricks and techniques to improve your rope bondage abilities and photography skills. Group and private tuition available. Please get in touch if interested.

That Was No Column, That Was My Wife: Single & Double Column Ties

Class Type: Hands On
Skill Level: Beginner
What to Bring: Rope at least 10 feet long
Description: Just starting out in bondage? Want to get a taste of this whole rope thing to see what all the fuss is about? Learn several basic and reliable single- and double-column ties that will let you tie your partner down for some naughty fun.

Two For the Ferryman: Exploring the Double Coin Knot

Class Type: Hands On
Skill Level: Beginner
What to Bring: (2) 15 ft ropes, (4) 30 ft ropes
Requisite Skills: Know the difference between "over" and "under"
Description: The Double Coin Knot is a fast, simple and effective component to add some decorative flair to your ties. Students will learn how to tie this knot, and various ways to extend it into their bondage arsenal.

Bondage Essentials: The Futomomo

Class Type: Hands On
Skill Level: Beginner
What to Bring: (2) 25-30 ft ropes, (1) 12-15 ft rope
Description: Are you having problems with your bunnies running away when you try to tie them up? No? Good! All the same you should learn this snazzy and snappy leg tie to immobilize and enbeautify them.

Cleanup in Aisle 4: Tidy Up Those Ties!

Class Type: Hands On
Skill Level: Intermediate
What to Bring: Enough rope to do *a* tie
Description: Ok, so you've learned a few ties and can put them on your partner without killing them. Awesome! Now let's bump things up a notch and put some polish on them! Using a few simple ideas and techniques you can help your bondage look and feel like a million bucks.

Bondage Essentials: The Takate Kote (Box Tie)

Class Type: Hands On
Skill Level: Intermediate
What to Bring: (3) 25-30 ft ropes; (1) 10-15 ft rope
Description: The Takate Kote (box tie) is a staple tie in many schools of bondage. In this class you will learn one such version of the TK, from the basic structure to ways to embellish it with your own personal touch.

It's a Cinch: Decorative and Functional Rope Corsets

Class Type: Hands On
Skill Level: Intermediate
What to Bring: (2) 15-ft ropes, (3) 25-30-ft ropes
Description: Learn how to tie several versions of the ever-popular rope corset. From a simple, decorative single-rope corset to complex, cinching multi-rope designs, a variety of corsets will be demonstrated. Opportunity will be given for students to tie their own corsets.

In the Dungeon, Everyone Can Hear You Scream: How to Instill Fear in your Bottom

Class Type: Discussion & hands on
Skill Level: Intermediate
What to Bring: Rope, a partner, and a healthy disregard for the mental and physical well-being of your partner
Description: “You would never hurt me. …Right?” Playing with our partner’s body is great fun, but sometimes playing with their mind is even better. Students will learn some simple physical and psychological tricks to pull off some truly diabolical mindfucks and turn their partner into a jittery mess. And no, we’re not talking about coffee.

Using Music To Endeepen Your Rope Scenes

Class Type: Hands On
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
What to Bring: Rope, a partner and a sense of rhythm
Description: Fast, slow, hard, soft, gradual, sudden; the music we hear during a scene can greatly influence the tone and progression of the scene. Learn how to harness that power to your own ends. Examples of different types of music will be used to demonstrate the atmospheres that music can create. Students will then have the opportunity to tie their partners and explore their own interpretations and reactions to the different music. "Music soothes the savage beast". Yeah, sure it does.

Beautiful Scenery: Connective Bondage

Class Type: Demonstration & Hands On
Skill Level: Intermediate
What to Bring: (4) 25-30 ft ropes
Requisite Skills: square knot, a passion for rope and a passion for your partner
Description: Turning your partner into putty is easier than it seems. Using a basic takate kote (box tie) as an example tie, explore how to turn your rope scene from a bland academic exercise to a sizzling sensual experience. Emphasis will be placed on learning the tie, then forgetting the tie to focus on your partner and the how, rather than the what of bondage.

Tie 'Em Up and Shoot 'Em Down: Art Bondage Photography

Class Type: Demonstration
Skill Level: Intermediate
What to Bring: An interest in art bondage photography
Description: Watch the Mailler at work. He's known for his amazing art bondage photography, and in this class he'll show you how it's done. MaillerPhong will rig his model(s) in original decorative ties, set up the lighting and photograph them, explaining the whys and wherefores of his process along the way. Finished edited photos will be posted on Fetlife after the class.

Maintaining Separation of Work and Play When Shooting Fetish

Class Type: Discussion
Description: Creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable and professional shooting environment is critical to all model photography, and even more so when shooting sexually charged content such as bondage and erotica. If a model or a photographer is involved in the fetish community in their personal lives, this can often motivate them to pursue that interest in their creative works; it also has the potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings if the different team members are approaching the shoot from different perspectives. When setting up and conducting a shoot, how do we ensure that personal motivations do not interfere with the creative process and create an unwanted atmosphere? In this class we’ll discuss the different aspects of this question, explore some things that have worked, examine some things that haven’t, and discover the key to happy and successful fetish content producers and models. Spoiler alert, it’s communication.

Elevating Fetish Photography: From Under the Bed to the Living Room Wall

Class Type: Discussion
Description: Whether you’re brand new to photography, an amateur wanting to take your skills to the next level, or a seasoned content producer branching out into a new genre, come learn some tips and tricks to elevate the artistry of your fetish photography. We can all shoot something blatant that’s suitable for a truck stop; but how do we craft an erotic image that we’d be proud to hang on our living room wall? This workshop will set you on the path from porn to erotica.

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