"I remember seeing a photo he did of a woman with blonde curly hair. She was tied up, of course, in rope. She had this fierce look on her face like she might break out of the bondage.  That's when I knew I wanted to work with him. His work wasn't just about the body and the way it looks in restraints or in various sexual positions. It wasn't just the amazing lighting that highlighted the model and the model's best features. I was attracted to his work because it brought out the character of the models in his photo. The rope work accentuated the person, and forced them to express themselves instead of relying on pretty posing. Then he'd capture it face-on almost every time. The images of these models are exposed and bare, but in that way it showed how naturally strong and beautiful they are.


Before the shoot he was upfront about what he was interested in and all the work he has done. He listened to my limits and respected my boundaries. Although I appreciated that we discussed our sexual well-being in case something should happen. Not something I'd done with any other photographer, but due to the nature of his work, I thought it professional. I wasn't surprised at the shoot that he was very kind, and he had a sense of humor I was familiar with. Before he began tying he warned me that the rope affects everyone differently. I couldn't imagine until I started to drip down my legs.


His images are so beautiful and excellent because they capture that honest moment when the body relaxes and enjoys the moment. It isn't so much posing as enjoying yourself and trusting him to capture that at its best self.


For the rest, I got back images in a timely manner. His contract was reasonable. And overall I had a great time. I'd recommend him.

The Perfect Sin

My first experience shooting with Mailler for the Visual Visceral series was amazing. At first I was horribly shy and awkward, as I've never done erotica or any fully exposed nude shoots before in my life. Thankfully, Mailler is a very easygoing person who works with you to get the best images.


What first inspired me to want to work with Mailler, is the fact that even the fully exposed shots and such look amazing. They are absolutely not porny or unflattering in any way, and he really captures the essence of the mood in the photos with his excellent lighting, rope work, and angles. He always manages to get the perfect shot and that's something that's hard to do for a lot of regular photographers.


My experience working with him was very rewarding both mentally and physically. I've never really come back from an exposed shoot and loved the photos I've received, until this shoot; nor have I felt that comfortable with a photographer to shoot something so exposed. He has made me see my body and flaws in a new more empowering light that I truly admire. Now, because of these photos I am far more confident in myself and my images and that's something no one has been able to do yet.


Mailler is a highly motivated person who takes the time to establish trust and honesty to make his images more appealing in an artistic way that so few have been able to do. I was highly impressed with the editing and angles and will definitely be working with him again to create more glorious art.


It was his body of work and an easy camaraderie that inspired me to fly across the country to shoot with Visual Visceral. From the very beginning, I was made to feel that it was his sincere privilege to work with me, as much as I with him. Any nervousness or apprehension I may have felt was immediately abated with patience, reassurance and clear communication. It was so fluid and organic to work with him. Rather than expectations and demands, I was encouraged to simply be myself and enjoy the experience as he documented those moments all the while. Visual Visceral doesn't take porn shots of hot girls doing naughty things. Rather, he has a gift for capturing the beauty, mystery and power of a woman's sexuality in all of its incarnations. It was an amazing experience. The photos made me see myself in a new light. Sexy, empowered, and like a goddamn goddess. I look forward to an opportunity to work together again.


For me the biggest reason why I wanted to shoot the stuff that we did is because I saw how beautiful his photography was. Visual Visceral really knows how to capture the emotions that the models are feeling during the experience. I really enjoyed how professional he was. I was really nervous shooting the content but after making some requests which he had no problem agreeing to, my experience during the shoot was nothing less than amazing. I was made sure that I was completely comfortable and my feelings were taken into account. I would definitely shoot with him again! The photos that came out of the shoot were pure art. This isn't porn that we were shooting. Just art. And it was amazing.


Erotic work was always a fantasy for me, but seemed too risky to be worth pursuing. However, after a quick chat with Visual Visceral it was easy to see his professionalism and dedication to his craft shine. We discussed ideas, options, comfort levels, and what I was looking to get out of our work together.


Honestly, it's hard to find words to truly explain the experience. Patient, communicative and skillful; I never once felt unsafe, unappreciated, or pressured.


Every time I see the images from our set I'm completely ecstatic. Working with Visual Visceral was easily one of the most enjoyable decisions of my life, and something I definitely look forward to doing again.


In a world full of unpredictable photographers, this man is solid. You meet so many people we are unsure of, but this man lives through his work. Whether it’s his rope work, chainmaille, or erotic work, it’s a passion and you can see and feel it. Erotic work is hard for me to feel comfortable with, and never once did I feel out of place or mistreated. He was highly communicative and very professional. I never once felt objectified, but almost cradled. In a moment where I thought I’d be uncomfortable or unsure, his knowledge and experience has never made me feel safer. This is a man I wish I had a closer proximity to for so many reasons - one being his professionalism considering the images at hand. I felt like an object of lust that would never be mistreated. It was sexy, comfortable, exciting, and insanely fun. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. The images I got from our shoot I will never forget for so many reasons. These are images I love and will forever enjoy :) 


My experience with Mailler has been nothing short of a friendship.


We’ve talked about working together for a while, since our tastes in things are similar. I met him once prior to working with him and it was enough to entice me to HAVE to work with him. Finally the chance came around and it was everything I wanted and more. I had been craving the chance to be naughty, and have fun. I wanted to capture myself as a woman, sex and all.


I am a mother, a wife and an extremely sensual woman. I think Mailler did exactly what I wanted. He captured me, comfortable in front of him. Extremely respectful during, before and after our shoot. It’s a beautiful thing when like-minded individuals can create erotic art.


I enjoyed my return trip to Visual Visceral. Creating the erotic photos during our first session came out amazing. There is a more artistic quality to his work than many other erotic photographers who I wouldn’t trust the same way I do him. I know that when we work together the photos are about capturing genuine enjoyment. Not only does Mailler take the time to set up the lighting and angles for great photos, but he strives to make sure I love my time creating them. He respects my limits and doesn’t push me. I never have regrets or fears that I’ve done something I’m not okay with and I know that if I did Mailler would be good enough not to post something I wouldn’t be comfortable with. So when I work with Visual Visceral I know that I can relax and have a great time creating art that’s meant to capture people’s genuine interactions. The passion in the work is real and I think that makes it worth being a part of over and over again.

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